I recently read a blog by a fellow Italian named Vince Lane, I’m sure this is blog his blog name. However after reading this guy’s blog, I realized that hr hit the nail on the head about how I act, feel, and what my present feeling are. I never could put these feeling in words, but Vince said it all for me. Here is what he blogged!

I’d like to think I have mellowed with time age, but for the life of me I cannot really say that this is the case.

I am older, yes, but I do not really feel it. Often is the time that I find myself getting passionate about something, or emotionally involved, and then all pissed off, and when that happens mellow is no longer really part of the equation. I have really worked on not being such an A hole about things that concern me so, but I cannot help being opinionated…that’s what makes me well Vince.

I have avoided blogging about politics, religion, or other provocative subjects, because with opinions being at great variance regarding such topics I always seem to end up having words with someone. Then it gets ugly before I know it. This has actually lost me friends because as an Italian Scorpio, temperance, tolerance, or backing down to avoid conflict is not qualities that are in my nature. But as a true to myself Italian I can honestly say that I do live by the Italian golden rule. Do onto others as they do onto you…You screw me I screw you. But I never screwed anybody who didn’t have it coming. So those who have gotten my goat at times have seen the aforementioned A hole in me that no matter how much time passes still occasionally rears its ugly head.

I do not know if everyone believes or feels deep inside that they are here for something special, something unique, something great in their lives, but I do and always have.

Not to the extent that I am a pompous you now what about it, but definitely to the extent that I am always looking ahead expecting that today is the day. So perhaps it is living with this hope and expectation that something great is always on the horizon, that has seemingly minimized the really great things that have happened to me; causing me to always look for something greater, while further keeping me young. Who knows, maybe like Benjamin Button” I’m growing younger as I grow older.

Hey… this may be a good thing in that it keeps me moving forward right? I don’t know. But if mellowing with age means that when that day comes I’m ready for the rocking chair, I hope that day never comes. Can you say that you have mellowed with age?

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