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Hmmm. The thought of a hot latte on a cool winter or spring morning brings the senses to life. The clarity and calming effect of a SereniGy Latte is something many people have experienced, but many more need to tap into in order to feel warm, fuzzy, and healthy all over. Let’s examine why the SereniGy Latte may be something you want to incorporate into your morning.

Healthy Coffee Review – Is It Really Coffee?

Yes. SereniGy healthy coffee is made with a 100% Arabica bean (the finer of the coffee beans). Our gourmet latte is pre-brewed and made with the whole bean, which gives it an exceptional and clean taste compared to other pre-brewed coffee’s that use bits and pieces of the bean and the inferior Robusta blend.

Healthy Coffee Review – What Makes It Healthier?

The inclusion of our proprietary certified organic ganoderma blend is what provides the health benefits for this healthy coffee.

The power of this ganoderma herb helps negate the side effects that typically come with coffee, including jitters, crash, headaches, anxiety, mood swings, and sleep disturbance.

SereniGy healthy coffee will also provide you with additional health benefits that you can notice anywhere between 1 cup and 1 month of consistently drinking the product.

It’s also important to note that the use of the entire ganoderma herb, not just bits and parts, is crucial when it comes to its health benefits. Any benefits you do notice with ganoderma will be largely determined by the quality of the ganoderma herb.

To understand the powerful effects of ganoderma (also known as reishi), visit this third party website.

To learn more about our SereniGy Latte from a video by our product formulator, go here.

Healthy Coffee Review – What Else Is In Your Coffee?

SereniGy Latte coffee also contains sugar and non-dairy creamer for those who like coffee but need to take off the bite of a potent coffee flavour. What makes it truly different is the coconut oil based creamer which is much cleaner and healthier than the typical ingredients you will find in the competition.

It’s also important to note that we do not use sodium aluminum silicate, which causes an increase in the sodium levels and the aluminum levels as well (a heavy metal you don’t want to ingest). This is often used as an anti-caking agent, and is disastrous to your health.

When trying a healthy coffee, be sure that any of the flavoured coffees do not contain this ingredient.

Healthy Coffee Review – What Are Some of the Benefits?

Once you experience the power of ganoderma, you will understand that it’s not your typical herb. Its ability to balance the body’s processes is the simple, yet powerful way it can have so many positive health benefits.

Some of the benefits of healthy coffee with ganoderma include sleep improvement, higher level of energy and stamina, natural detoxification, immune system support, normal blood sugar support, healthy circulation support, and nervous system balance. 

Healthy Coffee Review – Is It Backed Up By Science?

The history of ganoderma (reishi) can be traced back over 4000 years in Asia, and it has been closely researched in the last century. There are plenty of research articles pointing out the same health benefits described here, plus many more.

To get a start, check out the articles on this website, as well as Pub Med.

Healthy Coffee Review – What Are People Saying?

The testimonials from those drinking healthy coffee are strong and can’t be denied.

To see what SereniGy healthy coffee can do for you, check out a few of the testimonials.

Healthy Coffee Overview – How Does It Compare in Price?

SereniGy healthy coffee is very price competitive, especially when you consider the value it brings to your health over regular coffee with the infusion of such a health-promoting herb like ganoderma.

You can enjoy the SereniGy Latte for anywhere between $1.00 to $1.60 a cup. Typically, people will pay anywhere from $1.75 to $5.00 a cup, with very little benefit to their health, and often a detriment.

Healthy Coffee Overview – Conclusion

If you are going to consume coffee on a continual basis, then you should consider looking into healthy coffee.

Aside from helping negate the side effects, healthy coffee provides health benefits you can really feel. Once customers get into their routine with SereniGy healthy coffee, they have little to no inclination to go back to their old habits that make them cope with the side effects, whether they feel them on the surface or not.

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